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Are you ready to hear a lion roar? How are the people under this 5th sign, who born between 23 July and 22 August, different from others?

Lions’ Strengths and Weaknesses

How do you feel when we look at us? Maybe your first impression is right. From the day we were born, we remind ourselves of being confident, ambitious, generous, straightforward, and optimistic. However, if you look at our shade on the ground, you will discover that we are as weak as others are. We are vain, domineering, arrogant, and possessive.

We have a great source of energy, spirit, and enthusiasm, and we find easy to lift people up. If you are one of our friends, we will treat you well. We are kind hearted and understanding. We understand people’s differences and we do not like holding grudge against someone so long.

Being straightforward is our nature. Though we are social butterflies, we are not fond of using flowery words. When we want to send a message to you, we will deliver it in a direct and clear way.

Furthermore, we find easy to succeed in business, especially dealings since we have a great combination of complementary abilities consisting of getting on with people well and controlling situations and people as well. We are definitely successful people in business field. Therefore, if you live with us, you have enough material support and enthusiasm.

In spite of being energetic strong, we are afraid of a couple of things. We need to control something or someone. We need people to admire us and compliment us on our beauty, generosity, and kind-heartedness. How do you feel toward our requirements? Maybe a Pisces one will love us a lot. We are all what people need to be outstanding among people. Whatever you think about us, observe us and learn something from us! You can read more at Free Psychic By Phone Reading

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